Company Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct of of IMAG PRO SRL is based on the standard "Social Accountability International"The principles described here represent for us minimum standards. Code of Conduct of IMAG PRO SRL respects and does not limit in any way the norms specific to the Romanian society.

1. Human rights

IMAG PRO SRL is comitted to respect the international human rights in its field of activity.

2. Forced labor

We do not accept any form of forced labor in our company as well as at our commercial partners.

3. Child labor

We do not accept the use of minors in our company and at our commercial partners.

4. Discrimination and respect for others

We are committed to creat jobs where there is no discrimination and harassment due to gender, ethnicity, skin color, religion, age, national origin, physical disability or sexual orientation. The employees of our company deserve mutual respect.

5. Remuneration and work schedule

We recognize the right of our employees to a fair remuneration, respecting the salary level on the Romanian labor market, guaranteeing the minimum salary according to the specific legislation. We respect the regulations in Romania regarding the work schedule of our employees.

6. Relationship between employees and management representatives

IMAG PRO SRL respects the right of its employees to freedom of association. Independently of this, we permanently enable our employees to express their desires directly.

7. Compatibility between the profession and family

We are committed to support the families of our employees, contributing to their satisfaction and motivation, and thereby improving the company's performance.

8. Health and safety

IMAG PRO SRL ensures a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds the safety and health standards at work. By appropriate measures, we want to prevent injuries and occupational diseases caused by workplace conditions.

9. Employee development

The development of our employees is considered to be an essential investment in the company's future. Besides specialized development, we pay attention to the development of social and organizational skills.

10. Responsibility to the environment

At our production facilities, we implement a powerful environmental management system that we continually improve. The minimum requirements are compliance with local environmental legislation, as well as compliance with the environmental management standards of IMAG PRO SRL. In the exercise of our environmental responsibility we work together with our partners.

11. Conflicts of interest, gifts and attempts to bribe

We are committed not to accept any kind of gift. No bribe giving or taking is allowed.

12. Suppliers

Through our policy towards suppliers, we want them to put into practice, where possible, similar social responsibility principles.

13. Responsibility

Our expectation is that each employee will feel personally responsible for complying with this company code. The management of the company takes the responsibility for complying with these principles. They are part of our regulations and directives.