The declared purpose of the company


IMAG PRO SRL is a relatively young supplier of processed components for the sectors: aeronautics, industrial and food. In order to remain among the top companies in this field, the company focuses on high quality based on the newest technology.

In order to gain partner loyalty over the long term, we ensure the delivery of products and services within the agreed deadlines and at the highest standards. This is our foundation for the company's success. 

Our quality standard is targeted towards meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers. Legal and official regulations are rigorously and permanently respected.

Our work within all areas is based on the principle of continuous improvement with the "zero defects" goal, implementing measures to prevent defects and minimize risks.

The essence of IMAG PRO SRL in the field of quality is:

                                                   "TOTAL SATISFACTION OF THE CLIENT"

Applying this principle means equally the exact knowledge of the requirements and the realistic evaluation of our possibilities. Putting in practice the company policy with the help of the most important resource - personnel - according to the "quality is everyone's responsibility.".

The top and middle management and all the staff are committed to comply with this Quality Policy.

                                                             Ioan Girbacea - Administrator


A priority objective of the company is the protection of the environment. In recent years, we have given an essential focus on this topic in product development, procurement, production and recycling. Active environmental protection is thus integrated into all areas of business activity. 

Social responsibility

We are a proactive company and we are actively involved in community life. Social responsibility, for us, does not only mean paying special attention to the community or clients, suppliers, the environment, but also for employees.

Practical training of students

IMAG PRO SRL pays special attention to the training of the future employees by getting involved in partnerships with the technological high schools in Rasnov and Zarnesti, Brasov county. Based on these partnerships, student practical training takes place in our production facilities.

For students who are particularly interested in practical training activities, we grant monthly scholarships.